Veteran Honor Roll

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Adams, LoydArmyCorporalKoreaCabool, MO
Alaniz, FrankAir ForceChief Master SergeantKorea/VietnamSan Antonio, TX
     Comment: Served Under Fire
Aldrich, FrankArmySFCVietnamPrinceton, MO
Alexander, WillisArmyTechnical SgtWW2St. Louis, MO
     Comment: Retired to Kimberling City, MO
Alexander, MattAir ForceMaster Sergeant24Marshfield, MO
Alexander, GregoryArmySP-5Vietnam era 1971 - 1977St. Louis, MO
     Comment: Currently lives in Branson West, MO
Appleby, Harry E.ArmyMajor - ArtillaryWWIISpringfield MO
     Comment: European Theatre
ARNOTT, TedArmyCplKorean War
Asbell, Forest LeeMarine CorpsSGTWWIISpringfield MO
     Comment: Iwo Jima Survivor
Baker, Beverly PhillipNavyUnknownWorld War IILiberal, MO
     Comment: Fighter Pilot
Baker, Adrian WilliamArmyCaptainWWIIHannon, MO
     Comment: Served in Japan, Phillipines
Baland, ArchieAir ForceunsureWWIISpringfield, MO
     Comment: Normandy Beach
Ball, PatrickMarine CorpsSergant1980-1990
Ball, TerryArmySergeant First ClassGulf WarLittle Rock, AR
     Comment: Operation Desert Storm
Ball, JamesArmySergeant First ClassKorea, Vietnam
Ballay, James VincentArmySergeantVietnam 1968-1970 KIA CambodiaMonett, MO
     Comment: A CO, 3RD BN, 506TH INFANTRY, 101 ABN DIV
Barbaglia, MarioNavy2nd Class Petty OfficerWWII - South PacificSt. Louis, MO
Barlow, Richard DeanArmyPrivate First ClassWWIIPierce City,Missouri
     Comment: Related to Rider/Ryder and Horn Family
Batts, JosephNavyCE-2Viet Nam 1969-1971Villa Ridge, MO
Batts, JosephNavyCE2VietnamWilmington,NC/Villa Ridge, MO
Beagan, Michael EMarine CorpsLCPLVietnamStillwater MN
     Comment: Two Tours in Vietnam, Great friend - RIP
Beaudry, ThomasArmySergeantWWITonawanda, NY
Berryhill, MatthewArmySergeant1989-2009
Biernacki, DrewArmySpecialist2007 - 2011Willard, MO
Blood, KeithArmyMaster SergeantWW IISpringfield, Mo.
Bollinger, WilliamArmyPFCWWIISpringfield, Mo
     Comment: Killed in action WWII
Boutwell, BoydMarine CorpsCpl.1965-67Springfield, MO
     Comment: Viet-Nam 1966
Boutwell, HowardAir Forceprivateworld war ll
Bradley, CliffordArmyCorporalKorean EraStrafford, MO
     Comment: Active Duty Battleground Korea
Brandwein, HaroldArmySargeant E-5VietnamSpringfield, Missouri
Brown, JasonMarine CorpsCorporal/E-41994-1998Ozark\' Missouri
Buchheit, SteveArmySP41969-1971 (Vietnam '69-'70)
     Comment: 300th MP Co. - Saigon & DiAn
Bueno, CeaserAir ForceAirmanVietnam EraSpringfield, MO
Burgess, Sr, LewisArmyPrivateWWIISpringfield, MO
Butts, ReddenArmyPrivateCivil WarRural Mississippi
     Comment: CSA Mississippi 34th
     Comment: Stationed in Da Nang
     Comment: Stationed in Da NangpSc
Cantrell, JimmieAir ForceMSGT30
Carpenter, AlAir ForceSargeant1964-1968Springfield
Carty, CharlesArmySergeantWWIDetroit, Mich.
     Comment: Died 1966, RIP dad.
Carty, ArtAir ForceChief Master Sgt.38+ yrs. 1953-1965, 1968-1994Mackinaw City, Mich.
     Comment: Every veteran a hero!
Cass, DavidArmySFC1981-PresentCovina, Ca
Castaneda, CarlosArmyCaptain1992-Donna TX
Castaneda Jr, JoseArmySergeant1975-1977Donna TX
Castaneda Sr, JoseArmySergeantVietnamDonna TX
Cedar, TerryArmyStaff SeargeantIraqi Freedom, 2004Republic, Missouri
Champlin, KennethNavyEO-1Vietnam/Desert Storm 20 yearsSpringfield, MO
     Comment: Fleet, CBHU, Seabees, NOACT
Christian, Harice "Hoss"Air ForceStaff SargentKorea 1952 - 1954; overall 1951 - 1961Branson, Missouri
     Comment: 6401th FMS, aka The Retrievers - 11th Fld Maint Sq, 7th Fld Maint Sq, 4123rd Fld Maint Sq.
Chunke, MichaelNavyPetty officer second class2004-2008ozark, mo
Clayton, CharlesMarine CorpsMaster SargentWWII &Korea !941-1962Wilburton,OK
     Comment: A Marine to the end. Papa we miss you.
Clayton, StephenArmyNot sure7years VietnamJacksonville,NC
     Comment: This war messed him up physcially and emotionally.
Clegg, TimothyMarine CorpsCorporal1996-2004Springfield, MO
Cole, EarlArmyMaster SergeantWW11/korea 1942/1955
Cook, JohnArmyE31986 -1988
     Comment: Military Police
Cook, Michael E.Air ForceStaff SergeantVietnamSpringfield, MO / Biloxi, MS
Cook, Jason F.Air ForceSenior Airman E-41997-2001San Antonio TX
     Comment: Military Police - Duty in England
Cook, HarryNavyGunners MateWWII Destroyer EscortBiloxi, MS / Nutley, NJ
     Comment: North Atlantic and Pacific Duty
Copeland, GeorgeArmySSgt (Army Air Corp)WWIISpringfield
     Comment: POW, Survivor of the "Black March"
Cotner, JoshuaMarine CorpsSergeant2004-2008 Afghanistan/Iraq
Criger, BillyAir ForceE-4presentStrafford, Mo
     Comment: serviced in Iraq
Crowell, StanAir ForceSSgt1932-1971 Viet NamSpringfield
D'Andrea, JayMarine CorpsCPL - E4VietnamWorcester, MA
Dale, John R.ArmySergeantWW1St Louis, MO
Dale, David W.Air ForceA1CVietnamSt Louis, MO/Springfield, MO
     Comment: served in Japan 1964-1966
Dale, John R. JrNavyfire control manWW11St Louis, MO
     Comment: served on submarine in the Pacific Ocean
Danner, DavidAir ForceMaster SergeantVietnam & Desert StormDenver, CO
Danner, HerbertAir ForceLieutenantWorld War II, KoreaMcKeesport, PA
Davis, MichaelMarine CorpsSergeantVietnam/10Nevada, MO
     Comment: Been an honor and a privelege to serve the United States of America
De Sutter, CharlesArmyCorpKoreaWhiting IN/Albuquerque
Decker, WayneArmyCorporalKorean War, 1951-1954Lived most of his life in Springfield, MO
     Comment: Married one day, shipped out the next, proudly serving his country. Remained patriotic until his death at age 79 in 2011
Dixon, JeraldMarine CorpsPrivateKoreaSpringfield, MO
Donica, CarlNavyHM1VietnamSpringfield
Doublin, KeithMarine CorpsE-41961-1964Springfield, Mo
DUDLEY, JOEArmyE/4vietnam motorpool
DuLany, DanielMarine CorpsMaster Sergeant21Springfield, MO
Dunn, David LArmySergeantVietnam EraSpringfield, MO
Dunn, NormanMarine Corpsunknown1957-1959Sunrise Beach,MO
Eastburn, JohnnyArmyStaff SergeantWorld War IISpringfield
     Comment: Dec. 7, 1925 to Sept. 18, 2012
Edwards, LucasArmySergeantAfganistan/IraqSpringfield
     Comment: Graduate of Willard
Ferguson, BillNavyMM2{SS}1969-1975Walnut Grove
Fisk, J HowardNavyE 5Viet NamLebanon, Missouri
Fleck, TeddyArmySFC1979-1992
Fleck, TheobaltAir ForceTech. Sgt1947-1968Solen,N.D.
     Comment: Korean War
foster, perryArmyE6Gulf warspringfield
FOX, EdgarArmySFc24 yrsSpringfield, MO
     Comment: 6 of those yrs were with the USMC WW2
Freeman, TommieArmyE5vietnam1967-1969
fullington, jamesAir Forceunk1992-1996
Gardner, MattAir ForceSsgtIraq/Afghanistan war
Gardner, ArthurArmyTech 4World War II
Gardner, SteveArmySergeant1970-1976Springfield MO
Garrett, DonArmySpec 41971 - 1973Springfield, MO
Gergely, GeorgeNavyAG31960-1964Willard, MO
Gonder, JackieMarine CorpsE-5Vietnam EraHamilton MO/Ozark MO
     Comment: 1 Bat 3rd Marines - Navy Marine Corp Medal for Heroism
Graff, BrandonNavyPetty Officer First ClassOperation Enduring FreedomSpringfield
     Comment: Navy Reserves, Honor Guard Bugler
Graham, BoydAir ForceStaff SargeantVietnamNixa
     Comment: It was an ugly tragic war that took it's toll on all who were there
Green, Kenneth Air ForceunknownKoreaRepublic,Mo
Green, John"Turk"NavyCommanderVietnam to the SandboxBattlefield,Mo.
     Comment: Naval Aviator,Carrier Captain
Green, RandyAir Forceunknown70's to 80'sBattlefield Mo.
Green,Jr, GeraldArmySergeant First classVienamOwensboro Kentucky
     Comment: Served over 20 years
Gregory, ShaneArmySpecialestcold wargalena mo
Gregory, DavidArmysergeantIraq war veteranSpringfield MO
Hall, RonaldAir ForcePrivate1963Ohio
Hall, RonaldArmySpecialistGulf WarFresno, CA
Hall, HenryMarine CorpsPrivateWWIISheffield Alabama
     Comment: one proud Marine, my dad, RIP.
Halls, HankArmyPFCWWIISpringfield MO
     Comment: Purple Heart and Bronze Star
Hamilton, RonaldArmyE-51961-1964Springfield,mo
     Comment: airborne, screaming eagles
Hanks, JimmieArmyPrivateKorean WarCamden County, Mo
     Comment: Tank Division
Hansen, LarryAir ForceChief Master SergeantVietnam
Harris, GeraldArmyspec4Vietnam 1966 to 1968Hollister,Mo
Hawk, RichardNavyCPOVietnam Era/22 YearsSpringfield
Head, DylanMarine CorpsLance CorporalPresentAurora Missouri
Head, JustinMarine CorpsSergeantPresentAurora Missouri
Henderson, FredArmySergeantKorean WarMarshfield
Hendrix, JamesArmySergeantWorld War IIBois D'Arc, Mossouri
     Comment: My Amazing Father
Hernandez, AlexArmyMajor (Ret)1970-2000 Vietnam Veteran 70-72
     Comment: DAV Missouri State Commander 2015-16
hilburn, t.dArmyunkunkspringfield mo
Hoaglin, LeslieArmyUnknownWorld War IISpringfield
Hogan, David LeeArmyCaptainWorld War IWest Plains, MO
Hogan, Jack EdwardNavyUnknownKorean ConflictWest Plains, MO
Hogan, JohnArmyStaff SeargentWorld War IIWest Plains, MO
     Comment: Gunner on bombing mission over Germany. Shot down over Germany in1944. MIA until remains were found in Germany recent
Hogan, Jr., David LeeArmySeargentWorld War IIWest Plains, MO
     Comment: Fought in Battle of the Bulge.
Hoover, LloydNavyCPO, Chief DraftsmanWWII, Korea, VietnamSpringfield
     Comment: Retired from Navy after 30 Years, Asiatic Campaign Medal, Korean Service Medal Vietnam Service Medal
Horine, WarrenNavySeaman1CWorld war IISpringfield
     Comment: Served our country with dignity.
Horn, RobertMarine CorpsLance CorporalVietnamOklahoma City,Oklahoma
     Comment: Related to Rider/Ryder and Barlow
Horn, CarlNavyUKNWWIIOklahoma City,Oklahoma
     Comment: SEABEE, father of Robert Horn, relative to the Rider/Ryder Family
Hyde, WilliamNavyPrivateWWIISheffield Alabama
     Comment: a good man, a great American, my grandpa.
Irvine, DaleArmyPFCWWIISpringfield
     Comment: Battle of the Bulge, 6 Medals from the US and recently awarded the Legion of Merit
Jackson, DennisNavyHM1/E6Vietnam era thru Desert StormCabool/West Plains,MO
     Comment: retired in 1995, after Deser5t Storm w/FLT Hospital 22 Det.K in Bahrain, in 1995
Jennen, WilliamNavyAT1Vietnam (1962-1970)Spokane, Washington
Jens, RobertArmySergeant1976-89 Greneda VeteranHumansville
     Comment: Commander;DAV Bolivar Chapter 66 & at American Legion Post 276
Jones, ShellieArmyEnlisted/National Guard officer1989-1995Springfield, MO
     Comment: Adjutant for Women Veterans of SW Missouri, American Legion Post 1214, Springfield.
Jones, RussellArmyCW31997-present; Kosovo, OIFSpringfield
Kennedy, JustinNavysubmarines8Amarillo TX
Kennon, James "Pappy"Marine CorpsE-51968-1972Tulsa, OK
Kerns, CliffordAir ForceStaff Sergeant3St. Joseph, MO
Kinney, JohnArmyUnknownSpanish WarMiners Mills, Pennsylvania
     Comment: Co. A Eleventh U.S. Inf., May 21, 1898-April 16, 1899
Kirkpatrick, JohnAir ForceSergeant First ClassVietnamFalls Church Va
     Comment: In honor of my dad
Klein, RobertNavyLieutenantKorean ConflictBranson, Missouri
     Comment: served in Japan
Knapp, NelsonNavyLtJGVietnamSouth Orange, NJ
Korver, KentNavyE2Vietnam, 1972-1973Poplar Bluff
     Comment: Navy Corpsman
Kraus, WilliamNavypetty officer first class24lowell , ma.
Kresse, ElmerNavySeaman 1st ClassWW IISedalia, MO
     Comment: Served on the Battleship Orvita off the coast of China
Langston, FrankAir ForceStaff SergeantWorld War II, European TheaterLa Russell, MO
     Comment: Tailgunner in B-17, completed 33 missions
Leigh, DouglasArmyCpl.KoreaSpringfield, MO
Lesher, JenningsArmyMSgtKorean, Vietnam (21 years)
Lindsey, MaxNavyET31955-1959Springfield,MO
Lindsey, Mark A.NavyFC41985-1989Springfield, MO
Loechelt, DonaldAir ForceNot SureKoreaIssaquah Wa
Lord, BillArmyColonelVietnam, 1st CAV, 1965
     Comment: Chaplain, Silver Star, DSC, 3 tours of duty in Vietnam 1965 - 1971
Lowe, OrvilleArmyLt. Col.1942-1970Verden, OK
     Comment: POW WWII
Lupis, JimNavyE-3Vietnam
Lynch, HaroldNavyBoatswain Mate 1st ClassBM1 VietnamSPRINGFIELD
LYNCH, LISANavyYeoman 1st Class13Portsmouth, Oho
Lyons, ThomasArmySergeantWWIITonawanda, NY
     Comment: Tank driver.
Maples, LisaAir ForceE32001-2003 2011-PresentWest Palm Beach,Florida
     Comment: Now in the AF reserves
Maples, DouglasAir ForceE5April 1999-March 2008Springfield,mo
     Comment: Iraq and saudi
Mark, RonaldArmySergeantKoreaSpringfield
McBreairty, RoderickArmySergeant MajorKorea, VietnamRichland, Mo
McCord, Howard MuttArmySergeantWWIISheffield Alabama
     Comment: prisoner of war, my dad-in-law died March 2011. RIP Mutt.
McCormick, LeslieAir ForceMajor1974-1993Ashtabula, Ohio
McCoy, BillArmyColonel1968 - 2002Bolivar, MO
McDonald, DavidArmySergeantVietnamJasper Alabama
     Comment: my childhood friend, died in Vietnam June 1968. RIP.
McGovern, HarrisArmyStaff Sergeant8 - Afghanistan/Iraq VeteranSebastian, Florida
     Comment: 82d Airborne - 2/504 PIR (CIB, Ranger Tabbed, Basic Jump Wings, Army Medal of Commendation, etc.)
McGuire, PaulArmySergeantVietnamLockwood, now Springfield
McMillan, CharlesAir ForceMSgtViet Nam Era/ 24 years
Melendez, LuisArmySargeantVietnam / 30 yrs.Lawton, Oklahoma
Michael, LoucksArmysergeant2006-2014Flippin, arkansas
Michel, AlbertNavyCaptain25 yearsNixa, MO
Miller, ClintonArmyCorporalVietnamCabool, Missouri
     Comment: Earned Purple Heart, National Defense,Vietnam Service,and Vietnam Campaign medals.
Miller, KerryArmySSG10Springfield
     Comment: He served as a Medical Specialist, Chaplain Assistant, and Career Counselor.
mills, TroyNavyCTRCviet nam 1952-1972nixa, mo
     Comment: thanks for the parade watch it every year.
Mizio, MelissaArmySpecialist 41992-96 did tour in Korea in 93-95Half Way
     Comment: 100% Disabled American Veteran, Member Ozarks Memorial Honor Guard
Nicholson, JerryMarine CorpsLt Col.Vietnam, 22 years
Nugent, D.W.NavyPersonnelman-PNKoreaBastrop,LA/Springfield,MO
ogan, jimArmySpecialist E-5Vietnam 1968-1971
Ogden, JohnMarine CorpsMajor32Hartford, Conn
     Comment: An All American Hero
Ogden, WilliamArmyspecialist 44Providence RI
     Comment: Airborne All The Way
Owens, RobertNavySeaman 1st ClassWorld War IIMonett, MO
     Comment: Stationd Pearl Harbor
Owens, KeithArmySergeant1968-1972 VietnamMonett, MO
     Comment: 1/9th Charlie Company Cav Air Mobile
Pendarvis, ThomasArmyPrivateCivil WarRural Mississippi
     Comment: CSA Mississippi 10th
Peters, MikeArmySP41979-1983Fordland, MO
Peters, JosephArmySpecial Agent Sergeant2007 - 2013Republic, MO
     Comment: CID EOW 10/6/2013 - Kandahar, Afghanistan
Piatchek, JakeArmyE33Springfield MO
     Comment: European Theatre Patton WW2 Tanks
Pinegar, WilliamArmyE5Vietnam, 1968-1969
     Comment: 101st Airborne
Pinegar, AllenNavyPetty Officer1975-1979
Piper, ThomasArmySergeantGulf War, Iraq 1993-2013Bronaugh, MO
     Comment: Sgt. Piper is a Wounded Warrior and will be medically discharged in November 2013
Pounders, WayneArmyprivateVietnamSheffield Alabama
     Comment: a good man, my friend
Price, BobbyArmyE-4VietnamConway AR
Rider, Woodrow WilsonAir ForcePrivate First ClassWWIISallisaw,Oklahoma
Rider, Austin WalkerArmyPrivateWWISallisaw,Oklahoma
     Comment: Father of Jack J & Woodrow. Grandfather of William,John and Robert Horn.Great grandfather of Anthony Ryder
Ruoff, RichardNavyLieutanantVietnam/3 yearsSt. Joseph, Missouri
Russell, CodyArmyPFCCurrently Serving 2011-PresentBrandon,FL
Russell, RichardArmySgtGulf War VeteranBrandon, FL
russie, rogerArmystaffsergeantvietnam 1973-1975portriche.fl
Ryder, Suzanne StarkeyArmySpecialist2007-2011Grovespring,Missouri
Ryder, John PaulArmySergeantGulf War, IraqPierce City,Missouri
Ryder, WilliamMarine CorpsMaster Gunnery Sergeant25 yearsCalifornia
Ryder, AnthonyMarine CorpsLance CorporalGulf WarMissouri
Ryder, Jack JNavyChief Petty OfficerWWII, KoreaSallisaw,Oklahoma
Samples, DianaAir ForceTSGT1978 - 1997Springfield
Samples, PhilAir ForceColonel1983 - 2010Lawrenceville, GA
Santangelo, DickMarine CorpsPrivateWWIIPhiladelphia Pennsylvania
     Comment: Henry E Hall (my dad's) dear friend
Sapp, RickAir ForceSgt1977-1998Waynesville, Mo
Saunders, John HenryMarine CorpsSSgtKorea , 1950 - 1954Strafford Mo.
Schaibley, HaroldMarine CorpsSergeantKoreaOttawa, IL
Schmidt, HowardArmySPC41943-1946Chicago IL
     Comment: Buried Glendale AZ
Schmidt, RobertArmyprivate1998-2006 Iraqi Freedom 2004-2006Pleasant Hope, MO
Skiles, OrvilArmyMaster Sergeant1964-1970 1976-1984 1985-2005springfield,
Slisz, AndrewArmySgt 1st ClassWorld War II
     Comment: Combat Medic
Slisz, FrederickCoast GuardPetty Officer 2nd. ClassVietnam
Smillie, William A (Bill)NavyStorekeeper Petty Officer2nd ClassVietnam - Westpac 1969Springfield, MO
     Comment: Naval Reserve 1966-1973
Smithhart, CharlesArmyPrivateCivil WarRural Mississippi
     Comment: CSA, Mississippi 46th
Smithhart, ThomasArmyPrivateCivil WarRural Mississippi
     Comment: CSA
Snelson, KathyAir ForceSP51975-1977 &1978-1990Ozark MO
     Comment: VFW Post 7628 & SR Vice Commander District 14 (VFW)
Snider, CodyAir ForceE32013 to presentRepublic,Mo
Snider, JustinAir ForceE32011 to presentRepublic,Mo
Spears, TravisNavyCM21981-1986Humansville,Mo
Spencer, RichardArmySergeantKoreaBoisD'Arc Mo
Starkey, Carl JamesArmyPrivate First Class1943-1946Eaton Rapids,Michagan
     Comment: Father of Suzanne Starkey Ryder
Steffke, BobArmyCorporalWWIISpringfield
     Comment: Battle of Okinawa, Occupation of Japan, Combat Infantry Badge
Stewart, HelenAir ForceE5/Staff Sergeant6.5 yearsWaynesville, MO
     Comment: Serviced Iraq & Afghanistan
Stockfisch, MarkArmyE-22011 to presentRichland, Mo
     Comment: Military Police
Stoll, KennethArmySPC4OIF/OEFSpringfield, MO
     Comment: Served two tours in Iraq
Sutterfield, ThomasArmySergentKorean War - VietnamSpringfield MO
     Comment: Received 2 purple hearts along with a host of medals of Honor
Swanson, GeraldNavyLieutenantWorld War IIKansas City, Missouri
     Comment: served in North Africa
Talty, JerryAir ForceSergeantVietnam...1966-1967Tonawanda, NY
     Comment: Crew Chief: F4C/D/E models. Tan Son Nhut, Phan Rang, Danang.
Teverbaugh, John RalphArmySergeantWWII Europe 1944-1946Salem, MO
     Comment: Postal Service
Thompson, Tony MArmyCaptainGulf WarElsa TX
Thompson, Tip G.NavyE-41992-1994Elsa TX
Thompson, James BMarine CorpsCorporalWWIIElsa TX
Thorpe, JamesArmyE7VietnamSandusky, Ohio
     Comment: District 14 Commander VFW, Member Post 7628
Tidlund, Russell (Russ)Air ForceStaff SergeantDesert Storm 1989-2001Springfield Missouri
     Comment: During Desert Storm was with the 78th APS then cross trained into the 442 Med Sqd out of Whiteman AFB Loved his service
Tidlund, A.L.Air ForceCaptWorld War II 1941-1945Joseph Utah
     Comment: My father flew over 50 missions while flying B-24 bombers with the 8th Air force. It was the Army Air Corps until 1947
Tidlund, AugustArmySergeant- 110th AAA Batt. D1943-1945 D-Day, Battle of BulgeAmherst, Massachusetts
     Comment: My Dad survived the war and lived until 2000.
Tindall, TonyArmySpecialist1990-1995Springfield, MO
     Comment: EFMB Medal
Tuck, WillArmySergeant11Springfield, Mo.
Tuck, LarryArmySeargeant Major Ret22Springfield, Mo.
Tuschhoff Sr., RaymondArmyT-5wwllOakridge MO.
     Comment: 9th armored div. captured during Battle of the Bulge. liberated 1945. Thank You Grandpa!
Unwin, James E.ArmySergeantVietnamLong Beach, CA / Aurora, MO
Van Eck, CordellArmySpec 5VietnamMarshfield
Van Sickle 111, George WNavyGMG3Vietnam 69-70Manasquan NJ
Vanderhoof, Jim WArmySergant 1st ClassWWIIRed Oak IA/Springfield MO
     Comment: North Africa & Italy - Pattons Army, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Cmbt Bdg
Varusa, RobertArmyUnknownVietnam 1966-70Springfield, MO
Waggoner, Robert G.ArmyE-4Vietnam EraFairgrove MO
     Comment: 24th Infantry
Wagner, DanielNavypetty officer 2nd class1941-1947Sheboygan wi
Watson, StevenMarine CorpsPrivate First Class2005-2007Springfield
     Comment: Medical Discharge due to Combat Action
Whited, WilliamAir ForceStaff SergeantVietnam
Whitfield, NeedhamArmySoldierRevolutionary WarWayne County NC
     Comment: An Original Patriot
Willis, NanetteAir ForceAirman1977-1980Springfield
Willis, WilliamArmySPCOEF, OIFSpringfield
Willis, ThomasNavyEOC1977—2004Nixa
Wissmiller, LeeMarine CorpsLance Corporal1992 to 1995Urbana, IL
     Comment: Injured during service.
Wubenhorst, Richard F. ( DUTCH )NavyCommanderKorea, VietnamSan Diego , Ca.
     Comment: Died August 5, 2012 Memorialized at Ft. Rosecrans San Diego, Ca.
Young, KevinNavyPO 2nd ClassVeitnamSpringfield
young, CraigArmyspec 41995- 97springfield
     Comment: presidential honor guard
young, chrisNavypo2viet namspringfield
Zamora, GeorgeArmyCorporal1992-1994Weslaco
Zamora III, George R.ArmySergeantGulf WarWeslaco
Zamora Jr, FlorentinoArmySergeantVietnamWeslaco TX
Zumwalt, JasonNavyPN180's - early 2000'sJoplin, MO